Shipfaster UI - Figma Design System

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Shipfaster UI - Figma Design System

The Designership
227 ratings

Figma's leading and most powerful UI Kit and Design System.

Shipfaster UI is the most powerful and customizable Figma UI kit and design system.

⚡️ Preview Shipfaster UI 2.3⚡️

Are you tired of...

  • Re-creating the exact same components for every single project?
  • Setting up everyday and common components to be responsive?
  • Wasting time managing multiple projects with a disorganised design system?

Say hello to...

🎨150+ global styles

Huge collection of colour, gradients, typography, grid, shadows, and blur styles.

🗂 2,800+ media resources

A huge collection of pixel-perfect icons, avatars. logos, brands, vector shapes, device mockups, badges, payment icons, and much more!

💎 6,000+ components & variants

Includes every component for designing marketing websites to complex web-apps. Utilizing the power of master and style components! Oh did I mention, they're 100% Autolayout 3.0 powered as well.

💻 140+ marketing templates

Custom designed web templates that you can use right out of the box.

Our mission

Shipfaster UI is Figma's most powerful and comprehensive UI kit and design system. It has been designed to help you radically speed up your workflow and drastically improve the quality of your UI designs.

Every detail, in every component has been carefully built with Autolayout 3.0, advanced variants and accessibility in mind. We've done all the hard work for you, so you don't have to!

Shipfaster UI is perfect for...

  • Design graduates and junior designers: Understand how to build the fundamental building blocks to get started in UI design.
  • Freelance designers: Dramatically speed up your workflow and delivery time with perfectly designed components already done for you.
  • Senior designers: Get equipped with the perfect design system that is not bloated with unnecessary components, but just the right amount of fundamentals to set the foundation for every new project.
  • Product managers: Avoid wasting time and get right into the meat of what you want to create with the design system, with everything you need.
  • Anyone else that may be working within Figma. If you don't want to waste time and speed up your entire process, this is what you need.

Why we created Shipfaster UI?

Since Michael (founder of The Designership) formed his very first design agency back in 2014, he realised the importance of having a scalable and re-usable design system. The only way we were able to run 5-10 projects in parallel was a well managed design system.

However there were too many design systems on the market that lacked quality, scalability and utility. Shipfaster UI has been carefully crafted from all the mistakes, failures and learnings we've made over the years.


15th Jun, 2022 (v.2.3)

Figma made some major updates to their platform in May 2022. This included component properties, a re-designed Autolayout, dark mode and much more. In v.2.3 of Shipfaster UI, we have decided to introduce a number of updates that have helped improve the kit’s performance and it’s relevancy with the latest updates.

  • Removed .styled components to improve the performance of our design system.
  • Updated all components with the new component properties and Autolayout feature.
  • Updated all templates with the revised components.
  • Migrated our icon system from ‘component variants’ to individual components, to allow for an improved toggling experience.
  • Added tablet and mobile versions for all templates.
  • Provided pre-designed templates for quick use.
  • Included a Shipfaster Starter template for anyone that wants to use a lighter version of our design system.

4th Mar, 2022 (v2.2)

A few members reported seeing ‘3 missing libraries’ upon importing the design system.

  • Fixed mission libraries issue.

5th Feb, 2022 (v2.1)

We realised there was a small issue with some members not being able to load all the images in the design file. What we have learnt is that Figma is a browser-based app which means it’s subjected to a 2GB available memory limit that applies to each browser tab, including those in the desktop app. When loading or editing Figma files nears or or exceeds this memory limit, it can cause performance issues like long load times, crashes and others. Please keep in mind when using our design system, to limit the number of browser tabs you have opened.

  • Updated file thumbnails.
  • Moved checkboxes, radio buttons and toggles into a new section called Form Controls.
  • Compressed all JPG images in the file to reduce file size.
  • Members that raised images not loading have confirmed this has solved their issues.

Jan 17th, 2021

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our Shipfaster UI - A Figma Design System 2.0 🎉 This is our first major upgrade and overhaul to our design system.

  • 150+ new global design styles.
  • 2,800+ new media assets.
  • 6,000+ components and variants.
  • 140+ template examples.
  • Written instructions for every key component.
  • Master components provided with all primary components.

Any questions?

Something else? Chat to our friendly team via support@thedesignership.com

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